Security Courses in Hull

Security Courses in Hull

RDS Training specialises in SIA security courses in Hull. All of our Security trainers are occupationally competent and able to answer questions about real issues that you may have concerns about.

Training is relaxed and informal. Do not worry about the multiple choice examination as we will stick with you until you successfully complete the course.

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Sia Level 2 Award in Door Supervision

4 or 5 day course covering all elements of Door Supervision, such as working in the private security industry, working as a door supervisor, conflict management and physical intervention.

Level 2 Up skilling Door Supervisor Qualification

2 Day course covering the physical intervention part of being a Door Supervisor costing £100 including VAT. The up skilling course consists for two units:-

  • Unit 1 – Physical intervention in the Private Security Industry – 14 guided learning hours, 12 contacts hours.
  • Unit 2 – Safety awareness for door supervisors – 2 guided learning hours.

The door supervisor course is assessed by the tutor, and contains a combination of you demonstrating your ability to perform a skill and answering knowledge questions.

Level 2 Award in Security Officer

Are you considering becoming a Security Officer? The L2 Award in Working as Security Officer course is structured over a 4 days. It covers all elements of Security Guarding such as working in the private security industry, working as a security officer or conflict management

L2 Award in CCTV Operations (Public Surveillance)

An award is an SIA requirement for all operatives who monitor the public either in a public area. Such as a shopping area and operatives supplied on contract by a security company to another company.

L3 Award for Deliverers of PI Training in the Private Security Industry

On this L3 Physical Intervention Trainer course enables you to deliver the RDS level 2 physical intervention skills. You must already hold a suitable teaching qualification (minimum PTTLS or equivalent) and an approved conflict management trainer qualification ( C&G 1886 or Edexcel conflict management trainer). One day conversion courses from other approved packages are also available for those who already hold the L3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training qualification.

L2 Award in Conflict management

Our HABC Level 2 Award in Conflict Management has been developed to meet the requirements of individuals who require training in conflict management.  It is appropriate for a wide range of sectors and is suitable for anyone who has a customer facing role, deals with service users or the public.  It can also be a useful qualification for individuals who would like a better understanding of how to prevent conflict situations from arising and feel more confident in being able to deal with situations if they arise.

L3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training

This Conflict Management Trainer will enable you to deliver conflict management at levels 2 & 3. An appropriate teaching qualification equivalent to PTTLS must have been achieved prior to commencing the conflict management trainer qualification.

Conflict Management Trainer Program

The combined Level 3 Award in Education and Training  (E&T) and L3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training course is a 5 day course. Ideal for individuals wanting to teach security qualifications or conflict management to any sector.

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