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RDS Academy CIC is a non for profit community interest company that was created to source funding for training courses for the unemployed, disadvantaged and individuals who want to develop their skills whilst working.

Great Opportunities Available!

RDS Training currently have funding for ages 18 and over.

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Previous funded training in Hull

September 2020
L2 CCTV Course

Excellent course, excellent staff highly recommended! (Liam)

Overall very happy how the course was conducted. Was made to be conformable. (Christopher)

Great company friendly atmosphere. (Simon)

August 2020
L2 Door Supervisor Course

Very helpful and felt I have learnt a lot with the tutors. Natalie, Steve and Andy (Michelle)

Fantastic course and teachers. Thank you for all your help and great time (Kerry)

The course is an amazing course to do would definatly recommend to others if you want to get your badge (Keeleigh)

March 2020
L2 Door Supervisor Course
Great communication and friendly (Ben)

Enjoyed the course, it was informative (Michael)
To anyone who is beginning this sort of education it is a very good example (Ron)
Course was easy to do & the staff were nice/friendly & was always happy to help (Adnan)

February 2020
L2 Fire Course
Really good teacher and practical setting off fire extinguishers was fun (Yasmin)
Construction Course
Helpful (Shane)
Well the course help me learn about English & maths always about working safety in the workplace (Simon)
Was ok (Paul)

Level 2 Door Supervisor
Excellent place to learn with easy, fun & professional Tutors. Learning made fun & given across in great details & depth (Claire)

January 2020
Team Leader Course
The tutors are all nice and friendly, the environment is very relaxed (Paula)
Brilliant people and great tutor’s help all the way through course (Denise)

Health & Social Care- Medication
Sam did really well in teaching us about meds, really enjoyed it (Paula)
The tutor was very clear (Denise)
Assistant was good Teacher was always there on hand & happy to assist (Gary)

Health & Social Care- Infection Control
Again I found infection prevention & control very helpful & have learnt a lot (Gary)
Tutor was clear in his learning & easy to talk to (Paula)
The Tutor explained everything (Denise)

Level 2 CCTV
Well tutored course really enjoyed (Kimleigh)

Level 2 Door Supervisor
Excellent Staff & excellent training (Yazmyn)
Andy was a great Tutor & course was very informative & enjoyable (Daniel)
Excellent (Gary)

Construction Course
There are staff with tattoos which is good as it shows there are people that will hire people with tattoos working in training instead of suits & ties (Barry)
Good place to do a course & the people are great (Lee)
All very nice people really respectful & good facilities (Kane)

Health & Social Care- Dementia Awareness
Tutor is brilliant can ask anything & get an answer (Denise)
Sam was great, she gave me a good insight to Dementia, very nice person as well (Paula)
I found the course very helpful & informative (Gregory)

Health & Social Care- Safe Moving of People
Always happy to assist (Gary)
Really good learning experience & hands on as fun. Did a really good job (Paula)
The different methods & Practical Game (Denise)

December 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
All the staff were friendly and helpful. (Daniel)
Excellent staff. (Anthony)

December 2019
Level 2 CCTV
Yes, good course. (Sandra)

November 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
Roy is a brilliant tutor, makes you feel welcome and is always there to answer any questions or concerns. (Christopher)
Andy made everyone feel at ease. He made the course fun but made sure that we all understood the serious side. We were a very mixed group and we bonded well together. A good team thanks to Andy. (Beverley)

November 2019
Level 2 CCTV
You have seen the rest now go with the best RDS. (Tarnya)
Course really detailed, interesting and enjoyable, really enjoyed time on the course. (Patricia)
Fantastic place to learn. (Amanda)

November 2019
Level 2 Security Officer
I was happy with everything to do with the course. (Mark)
I have really enjoyed my time on the course all staff are polite and helpful. (Arianne)

November 2019
Level 3 Nails
Good course, new skills. (Grace)
Great friendly tutors, courses teach you all the practical experience you need to be successful and great knowledge/information on skin/nail conditions. Overall great service. (Rebecca)
Lovely class, has helped to build my confidence up. (Alison)
Excellent work. (Mafalda)
Excellent training course. (Mariana)

November 2019
Level 2 Team Leader
Training through RDS Academy has been an enjoyable experience. I have learned a great deal that will enable me to persue the career I want. Thanks RDS Academy. (Michael)
At my age I was anxious about coming back to a college/Learning enviroment. The staff were all pleasant and presented a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Learning at RDS Training has been a pleasure. Again my tutor’s support was impeccable. (Beverley)

October 2019
Level 2 Team Leader
Great course, venue and tutors. (Daniel)
Very enjoyable course good tutor good valuable knowledge learnt. (Lee)
Great staff, good place to learn. (Andrew)
Excellent staff and good place to learn. (Mark)
Fantastic tutors, chilled enviroment and very professional. (Christopher)
RDS are very welcoming and put you at ease. Made me more confident. Thank you to all the staff. (Taryna)
Brilliant course learned lots of new stuff, met new people and had a great laugh. (Lianne)

October 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
Everybody put me at ease and brought me out of my shell, would recommend RDS to everyone. (Tarnya)
Staff are really nice and kind makes you feel welcome. (July)
Extremely easy way of learning a new qualification, would highly recommend. (Michael)

October 2019
Level 3 Food Safety
Fun learning. (Felicity)

October 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
All the training provided was professional and awesome. (Jack)
I have enjoyed working with you. Thank you very much for this opportunity and god bless you. (Catherine)
The course is brilliant just needs to be more advertised. (Siyasanga)

September 2019
Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
Good. (Gary)

August 2019
Level 2 CCTV
Excellent place to learn. Tutors and staff very helpful. Facilities are adequate, laid back and easy atmosphere. (Mohammed)
Good hospitality food and drinks. (Michael)

August 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
I would definitely recommend RDS training to do this course, all staff are really helpful. (Paul)
I think its been great part of this course. I really enjoyed everyday and I recommended this course for everyone. (Pawel)

August 2019
Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work
Good friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere. (Christopher)
Would recommend RDS to anyone. (Gareth)
Interesting fun enjoyable. (Karl)
Great course. (Andrew)
Well worth the course, benefits include saving lives, helping others and potential job promotions. Also staff are lovely and friendly. (Ethan)

July 2019
Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
Good staff members and the facilities. (Ellis)
I found the course educational. (Raymond)
Good tutor was very helpful. (Stephen)

July 2019
Level 2 Customer Service
It was a good alrounder course. (Kaeden)
Fun course would use RDS again. (Ryan)
Very informative. (Tiffani)

July 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
If anyone wanted to possibly train for an SIA, RDS is the training course you could experience (Owen)

July 2019
Level 2 CCTV
I found the tutor was very good and nice to talk to (Martin)
This course was very interesting and enjoyable. If you think your interested then do it(Vicky).
This is by far the best training place I have attended and better than others I won’t name (Alan).

July 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
RDS Training centre was very good experience with brilliant staff and made the course fun (James)
RDS centre staff are very helpful from initial contact and through the course. Tutors are very well versed in their subject matters. A* (Gerald)
Great staff, great atmosphere. Definitely recommend(Matthew)
I’ve found the door supervisor course to be really interesting and I’ve learnt absolutely loads in a short space of time. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to go into security work. The tutors and all the staff at RDS are great(Johanna)
If anyone wanted to possibly train for an SIA, RDS is the training course your could experience (Owen)

July 2019
level 2 Customer Service
Excellent tutors who are very knowledgeable (Fiona)
Excellent training as ever (Catherine).
It was a good alrounder course (Kaeden).
Fun course would use RDS again (Ryan)
Very informative (Tiffani).
Could have been a bit better dealt with but overall the course was ok and information was given clearly (Anonymous).

July 2019
RDS is a wonderful opportunity for the unemployed(Norman)

June 2019
Level 2 Team Leader
RDS are a very good professional security training company with pleasant, helpful and friendly staff, always willing to go the extra mile for their students (Lisa)

June 2019
Level 2 CCTV Operator
Patient informative tutors. Made to feel welcome (John)
RDS deliver a very professional SIA CCTV operators course with excellent tuition. All staff are friendly and helpful. I have enjoyed my course and feel it will help me gain employment in the security industry (Lisa).

June 2019
Level 2 Door Supervisor
A good friendly atmosphere. Friendly staff. Tutor explains everything and answered all questions (Chris)
The staff are really nice to talk to (Chris)

May 2019
Level 2 Door Supervision.
The tutor, Julie is great and is very helpful also full of knowledge. (Gareth)
Very good course would tell people about it. (Sean)
Great coure, infilled me with the knowledge needed for on the job. (Cayden)
A good experience all in all for me and rest of class. (Karl)

April 2019
Level 2 Personal Licence Holder.
Very useful information for the industry we work in. (Tanya)
Well worth it. (Jai)

April 2019
Level 2 CCTV Operator.
RDS Training knows what they’re doing. the courses are fantastic and easy to follow. I would recommend them to anyone. (David)
The courses at RDS are fun. (Kieran)

April 2019
Level 2 Door Supervision.
A very good insight into security training. (William)
Amazing would highly recommend to my friends and family for future courses. (Shane)

April 2019
Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work.
Fantastic course easy to learn. (Sadie)
Tutors with excellent knowledge. (Neil)
Fantastic course, everyone should gain the basic first aid knowledge. (Dale)
Enjoyable informative course. (Lyndsay)
Very good course, well set out. (Daniel)
Recommended. (Daniel)
Very well presented and easy to learn. (Martin)
RDS are good at delivering the relivant information for the course. (Lewis)
A good course with a knowledgable instructor. All information learnt is relevant to my job role so i look forward to putting into practice. (Kelly)
Well communicated and presented. (Jeffrey)
Recommended. (Paul)
Informative. (Dean)
Good course and tutor. (Robert)
Excellent presentation, knowledge of tutor was good. (Mark)
A good practitioners course – to the point and relevant. (Peter)
Excellent. (Michael)
No previous first aid experience found course very useful and interesting. (Sharon)
Very informative tutor and good practical stuff! (Fiona)
Very pleased about the amount of information and the way it was delivered. (Natasha)
Indepth and worth while. (Robert)

March 2019
Level 2 Team Leader.
Love learning here, very informative. Nice and relaxed atmosphere. (Lee)
I enjoyed the course, the tutors knew their subject and answered all questions put to them. A good course for people wanting to be a team leader or above. (Arthur)

March 2019
Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work.
There is a lot of knowledge put forward in a short time and if lifes can be safe because of it. (Marita)
Good instructor, explained things in a practical, common sense way. (Mark)
Very Good. (M)

March 2019
Level 2 CCTV Operator.
If you are looking to improve your skill set or gain new qualifications then look no further than RDS. (Lee)
Recomend course! (Edward)
Great training center, friendly tutors, effective teaching, you was always kept upto date. (Shaun)

March 2019
Level 2 CCTV Operator
I came here not knowing anything about CCTV and now i am confident enough to seek employment in CCTV. (Raymond)
Friendly staff relaxed atmosphere. (Karen)

March 2019
Level 2 Door Supervision.
Best training provider i have attended in hull. I would recommend to all. (Michael)
Easy, Effective training. (Shaun)
Well delivered course with help when ever you were stuck. (Karl)
I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Mal he provided excellent tutoring and helped even with difficulties and covered everything more than once. (Sally)
Perfect training centre to learn at. (Paulina)
Very good, helpful and friendly staff that welcome you everyday. (George)
I strongly suggest taking an RDS course. the tutors are fantastic and the courses are useful. (David)

February 2019
Level 2 Team Leader.
Amazing training course and staff. (Sally)
Would highly recommend to anyone looking for training in the SIA, CCTV, 1st Aid or Team leading areas. (Rachel)
I found the course very informative and our tutor was great. (Dylan)
The best training centre. (Paulina)
Good tutor, nice facility, learned alot. (Shaun)
This course is fast, effective and with the right team Fun. (David)

February 2019
Level 2 CCTV Operator.
I recommend everybody to be edgecated here for courses. (Anna)
Probably the best training course I’ve ever attended. (Ian)

February 2019
Level 2 Door Supervision.
Great, great friendly and professional. (Ryan)
I will tell everyone about here has here got all good staff and all welcomein at all time. (Tony)
Happy to recommend to anyone. (Laura)
Great Course!!!!! (Andrew)
Really do recommend staff and facilities are amazing get lunch and drinks provided. (Jordan)
They provided good courses staff are good and help you a lot which is good. (Jamie)

January 2019
Level 2 Customer Service.
Great and informative course. pretty fun and inclusive. good knowledge gained. 10/10. (Daniel)
Absolutely loved the course Darren very professional and knows his stuff but enjoyable. (Graham)

January 2019
A good course worth doing. (Lynn)
Overall good informative course, relaxed atmosphere. (Michael)

January 2019
Level 2 CCTV.
I would recommend RDS to anyone who wants to do a CCTV course. Helpful, friendly and always there if you struggle. (Adam)
Great course excellent tutor. (Mark)
Id recommend this place to anyone who needs training. (Jessica)

January 2019
Level 1 Health and Safety
RDS are a very good teaching academy and are great with people and understand you. (Ian)
Very Usefull. (Mark)
Very helpfull. (Samuel)
By having the opportunity me future goals have got bigger. (Alex)

December 2018
Level 2 CCTV Operator.
I would recommend RDS training. (Brian)
Brilliant course very informative. (Lee)

December 2018
Level 2 Door supervision.
Very well supportive and kind. (Graham)
RDS training was great, especially when it came to professional levels of verbal communication and training. (Luke)

December 2018
Level 1 Health and Safety.
The staff was very helpful and understanding. top people. (John)

November 2018
Level 2 Door supervision.
If its something you want to do here its very good place & tutor is very helpful friendly. (Kuki)
RDS is a really good place to use for new skills i would recommend anyone to use RDS, the staff are really nice and they make you feel welcome. (Daniel)
Friendly and helpful staff, makes you feel like part of the family, always happy to chat, sometimes forgot i was here to learn! loved it. (Sophie)
Would be better if we had more physical training to protect our self from harm. (Simon)
If you are thinking about going into the security industry, don’t hesitate to contact RDS – you will not be disappointed. (Leon)

November 2018
Level 1 Health and Safety.
RDS is highly recommended, great course, very informative. (Alexander)
I really enjoyed today and it will help me further my career. (Michael)
Good helpful course. (Steven)
Very informative and tutor was very helpful. (Andrew)
Very good course. nice people who train you. (Paul)
Good course well worth it. (James)

November 2018
Level 2 CCTV Operator.
Everyone was very nice and if you didn’t understand anything someone would ensure ou did. (Emma)
A good place to enjoy learning. (Charlie)
Very comprehensive but not overly complex or complicated. (Glen)

October 2018
Level 2 Door Supervision.
This course is not very hard and the people are good to work with. (Aaron)

October 2018
General Data Protection Regulation.
Today has been a very good learning curve. (Lynn)
Effective and competant trainer. (Sonia)
all new info explained perfectly. (Michael)
Presents in simple short terms. (Karina)

October 2018
Challenging Behaviour with Physical intervention.
Good to update knowledge and skills good trainer, knowledgeable and effective. (Sonia)
course was interesting and fun. (Karina)
i enjoyed today i learned a lot. (Lynn)
Brilliant informative course. (Michael)

October 2018
Level 3 First Aid at Work.
the first aid course was very informative and helpful. the tutor was very friendly and helpful. (Katie)
Absolutely loved the course, tutor was amazing would definitely do it again. (Tamsin)

October 2018
Level 2 Customer Service.
This company is laid back and relaxing but also teaching you what you need, really enjoyed it. (Tamsin)

October 2018
Level 1 Health and Safety.
Tutors excellent experience and great ability to pass knowledge on. a great opportunity to get the qualifications need. (Mark)
Its not that hard really and when its done its a good thing to have. (John)
RDS have a great team and would willingly come back to do another Course. (Dean)
Brilliant place to learn. (Leanne)

October 2018
Level 2 Fire Safety.
Awesome Course. (Tamsin)

September 2018
Level 2 Door Supervision.
Excellent rappor between tutor and students. I would highly recommend RDS for courses. (Ky)
A good course, great to obtain the skills. (Hamzah)
Bring it on! (Emily)
RDS a really good SIA door supervisor trainer. (Paul)
very polite and fun staff very good at teaching us and making sure everything was explained well. (Lee)

September 2018
General Data Protection Regulation.
Fantastic information and full of facts and things to watch out for. (Margaret)
Found the course to be very informative and open to discussion, quite free and easy approach. (Gill)
Course content good time scale adequate not too long (thought provoking). (Deborah)
I have been on several courses with RDS, all the training/ courses are brilliant with great course materials and brilliant explanations of the information. (Kelly)
Sharon is really good and explains well with scenarios. (Yvonne)
Sharon uses good examples to explain situations. (Mandy)

September 2018
Level 1 Health and Safety
This course will help improve your knowledge and job prospects. (Dean)
This course was very interesting would tell others too do this course. (Simon)
Very Good Course. (Robert)

September 2018
Level 2 CCTV Operator
Course was very informative put over in a relaxed atmosphere if wanting to work in security would highly recommend RDS. (Gavin)
Friendly staff that are very helpful and nice relaxed atmosphere. (Matthew)
Excellent place to learn at. (Paul)
Excellent course. enjoyed the practical use of the CCTV equipment. (Ky)

August 2018
Emergency First Aid at Work
Very enjoyable course. Very informative. (Jeanette)
RDS are brilliant at delivering courses. Even though I have done some of these courses before, I have found the courses form RDS are more interesting and more enjoyable (Chris)
I would recommend anyone to do these courses. The tutors are very knowledgeable and put everyone at ease. (Stephanie)
RDS are a brilliant academy, full of courses / training for everyone. The tutors are really friendly, honest and willing to help you as much as possible. Previous courses with RDS have all been brilliant and have recommended to family and friends. (Kelly)
Great course. Lot of practices CPR etc (Wioletta)
Love first aid it promotes so much and gives you the confidence to do if ever needed. (Margaret)

August 2018
Excellent course, very informative, easy to understand. (Jeanette)
Would recommend. Friendly and make you feel at ease. (Claire)
I enjoyed this course immensely, tutor was very nice explained everything thoroughly. (Stephanie)
Safeguarding is an amazing course to enrol on and find at the correct information about the legislation’s/ policies to be followed for everyone to feel safe and given the knowledge regarding the different types of abuse. (Kelly)
Interesting course. (Christine)
Well thorough information and understanding, trains you a lot. (Margaret)
Very enjoyable with an excellent tutor. (Stacey)

August 2018
Door Supervision
Friendly, approachable tutors! fun in learning! (Liga)

August 2018
Level 2 CCTV Operator
RDS are a very knowledgeable training centre. (Matthew)
RDS are an excellent trainer would recommend to anyone. (Anthony)
Central location, relaxed atmosphere and knowledgeable trainers. (Katherine)

July 2018
Level 2 Nail Technology.
Quickly passed, professional service lovely place to learn. (Emily)
Very friendly and helpful staff. (Judyta)
Absolutley loved doing my course my tutor and all staff was very understanding with my situation. (Lisa)
Rebecca is an excellent tutor and I feel in doing this course i have boosted my employability. (Vikki)

July 2018
First Aid at Work
You amazing. (Katie)
Excellent Service will defo use again as want to do more courses. (Daryl)
Really enjoyed listening to the tutor (lee) lots of knowledge and skill. all tutors really friendly and approachable. (Sonia)
Very informative and enjoyable. (Michael)
Really great course with great support from staff. (Bethany)
RDS is an excellent training provider who met all my needs and explanation. (Alan)
Brilliant courses and staff, extremely helpful. (Christopher)

July 2018
Level 2 Customer Service.
Sharon is an amazing tutor with a lot of patience loved every minute of it. (Carol)
The tutors try to make it as fun as possible and explain things to a higher degree if you don’t understand. (Victoria)
Polite staff always wanted to help. (Daryl)
I did my Health and safety, first aid and fire safety essential tools and knowledge for the security industry. (Christopher)

July 2018
Safe Moving and Handling
Competent tutor welcoming environment. (Sonia)

July 2018
Fire Safety
It is a well informed place with helpful staff that look after most that need that care. (Richard)
Excellent service will definitely do more training here, friendly staff. (Daryl)
RDS is a fun place to learn you can have a laugh with your colleges drink coffee and listen to music while studying your course. (Declan)
RDS are an amazing company for the training courses, they are very professional in what they do. (Carol)
The tutors and facility are excellent, it was a right laugh and we were able to talk to our tutor and ask loads of questions. (Victoria)

July 2018
Substance Misuse
Very informative and interesting. (Davina)
Good, interesting course. tutor very helpful. however didn’t like the tests. (Christine)

July 2018
Happy with the course and polite and helpful staff. would recommend. (Gareth)

CCTV (July)
Would recommend friendly to take the course. the tutor was friendly and skilled at explaining. (Papa)
Very Good and well presented, tutor very good. (David)

First Aid (June 2018)
Darren was fun to hang about with and was helpful at the same time especially in the practical sessions (Harry)
Thoroughly enjoyed my 3 courses, relaxed atmosphere meant learning was easier. Excellent tutor in Darren. I learnt a great deal, Thank you. (Robin)
Found this course enjoyable, refreshing and knowledgeable. (Martin)

Fire Safety (June 2018)
good course easy on focus delivery of information no over load. (Martin)
good relaxed atmosphere made learning easy.(Robin)
i would like to tell everyone to come and join the RDS Team its very helpful and provided alot of good things. (Mohamed)
good course good talks and knowledgeable on subjects. (Duncan)
fire safety course is straight forward and gave great information. (Harry)

Customer Service (June2018)
RDS has a respectable work force and has a priority to care for all of us, i give 5/5 (harry)
the instructor knows his subject and delivered in a good relaxed calm manner, everyone seemed able to work happy at this place. (Martin)
Friendly relaxed atmosphere, easy to learn, staff and trainer excellent. (Robin)
it was sooo nice course soo good tutor people was good, nice enviroment to learn. nice food and fresh coffee and juice fantastic ready for next course. (Mohamed)

CCTV Course (June 2018)
Very excellent team, well done. (Ben)
would highly recommend doing a course with RDS all staff and tutors are very helpful and great people. (Scott)
RDS and their courses are informative and helpful. the staff are brilliant and respectable.
Door supervision (May 2018)
RDS is a brilliant and relaxing way to learn to have extra and new skills. (kerry)

L3 First Aid at Work (May 2018)
very good course, first aid l3 good instruction explained in detail. (Roy)
I have enjoyed my course and i have learned alot thank you. (Hardeep)

Conflict Management (May 2018)
clear and well set out course, course work looked abit difficult in the material but tutor made it plain and easy great interaction (Roy)
i have learned something new and enjoyed my course. (Hardeep)

L3 Emergency First Aid at Work Course: (May 2018)
Great course and informative on first aid issues (Mark)

Customer Service Course: (April 2018)
Overall the course was very interesting the tutor was informative about any questions you may have. (Kieran)
Great staff, really friendly brilliant facilities. (Connor)
Had a really good tutor made us feel welcome (Lynn)
Staff made the course enjoyable (Mark)
Great staff (Shannon)
A great enjoyable course (Calum)
Great staff, great training. would definitely come back for more training (Callum)

L2 Fire Safety – April 2018
Good tutors great facilities (Callum)
Great Course & Tutor (Emily)
Fantastic company & tutor (Lauren)
Great course to do (Mark)

PIT Training – April 2018
Great facilities, great tutors (Connor)
Very good atmosfear and good teachers (Lynn)
A great way to gain knowledge and share experience (Callum)
Very enjoyable and informative (mark)
Very good informative courses, really friendly staff and really supportive (Lauren)
I have trained here before and the facilities and staff are excellent, recommended (Sue)
Great tutor and course (Emily)

Personal Licence (April 2018)
Very well set out course very good interaction. (Roy)
Highly Recommend RDS (Hayden)

L2 Manual Handling – April 2018
Great tutor, didnt force any practical on you. (Mark)
Amazing staff, lovely enviroment (Leah)
Tutor very good at making the group feel at eze (Lynn)
Great staff friendly good facilities (Connor)
L2 Door Supervision – April 2018
Excellent Course, well worth taking part, staff are very understanding. can also have a laugh whilst being serious. (Steve)

Conflict Management (April)
Great course (Matthew)
Lovely staff, great course highly recommend (Leah)
5* Course (Lydia)
Great Course, great staff. thank you. (Jessica)
Brilliant. (Joanna)
Highly Recommend attending/ doing courses with RDS (Hayden)
Fab! (Emily)

L3 Emergency First at Work Course (April 2018)
Course was very informative whilst being professional and friendly (Liz)
Its Great! (Matthew)
I had fun and learnt a lot (Steven)
Great coffee sis! Great learning! (Lydia)
Very Good teacher (Lynn)
A great course and informative on first aid issues (Mark)

First Aid at Work (April 2018)
Great staff, very friendly great company to work with and get qualifications, highly recommend. (Hayden)
all the staff are friendly and willing to help out and always plenty of coffee. (Anthony)
Wonderfull! (Emily)

CCTV Course. (March 2018)
Has been a great experience. would recommend to anyone. (Paul)
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course its been challenging and enjoyable. the course was delivered well, in easy to digest sections. there’s alot to learn & remember. Definatley recommend this course. (Sarah)
if in doubt give someone a shout, there is always someone around to help you out. (Lisa)

Personal Licence: (March 2018)
lovely staff very accommodating, allows for easy learning. (Leah)
quick and simply explained (Steven)

Door Supervision course: (March 2018)
Course was great, Loved it. Staff are always friendly. (Laura)
Has been a great experience. Would recommend to anyone. (Paul)
is a fun and relaxed course. (Hannah)
Easy to learn, friendly staff profound confidence. (Jordan)
Its fun and you have everything you need. (Jordan)
Overall a great experience. Would recommend to anyone interested in training. (Paul)
Sharon was patient and very willing to answer questions and explain further if you are unsure of anything. (Katherine)

Manual Handling Course: (March 2018)
its right helpful, i like the free pens, the coffee is good (Matthew)
i took the course and find the tutor very nice and understanding, this helped alot to learn the information. (Leah)

Hospitality course (March 2018)
Level 3 First aid at work course: (March 2018)
Perfect execution of a short course. I would recommend to friends (Reece)
Easy and helpful from all members of staff (Katie)
Well worth doing (Matthew)
Its right helpful. I like the free pens. the coffee is good. (Matthew)
I took the course and found the tutor very nice and understanding. This helped a lot to learn the information (Leah)
Easy to work through, enjoyed most of my time considering work recommend RDS for others in my employment (Daniel)First Aid at Work c

Conflict Management: (March)
Very friendly cant complain (Daniel)
The course is well run and enjoyable. (Reece)
If in doubt give someone a shout, there is always someone around to help you out. (Lisa)
I thoroughly enjoyed the course its been challenging and enjoyable. The course was delivered well in easy to dissect sections. There’s a lot to remember, definitely recommend this course 🙂 (Sarah)

Personal Licence Holder course: (March 2018)
I really enjoyed this course it was broken down well and taught superbly (Reece)
Easy to follow would recommend to anyone in similar boat to myself (Daniel)
Good information delivered (Katie)
Thank you for a smooth professional service (Steven)
Lovely staff, warm atmosphere great teaching

February 2018- level 2 Door Supervision
Would recommend other to take course. (Brian)
Great course, Great tutor, would recommend RDS to anyone wanting to improve/learn new skills. (Shaun)
Very useful in explaining the laws of licence door supervising and intervention. (Stephen.

February 2018- Level 2 CCTV Operator
RDS is an excellent training provider. (Alan)
informative and useful training course. (Stephen)
All ready left feedback on facebook page, course is great, staff are friendly and teacher is aweson. Cant wait to do my SIA next. (Laura)
Great course, Highly Recommended. (Stephen)

Traineeship – January 2018
RDS is a well respected traineeship. Always helped me when I was struggling and never gave up believing in me. (Tanner)

December 2017- Level 2 Door Supervision
Very Good training centre would tell anybody else to recommend them. (Alan)
Really good course, great tuition from Sharon, clearly a SME. Venue was fit for purpose. Thank you. (Stephen)
Great course well Recommended (Michael)
Good fun but educational (Michael)
RDS is a very happy and friendly environment and all the staff are friendly and approachable. (Daniel)

December 2017- Level 2 Door Supervision
The RDS team were great and very supportive (Paul)
Good course, Funny Tutor(Michelle)
Great for anyone looking to get into the security industry(Lewis)

November 2017- Level 2 Door supervision (Traineeship)
Great Training provider, i would recommend them to other (Callem)

October 2017- CCTV
the course is straight forward and lots of help is given if not know of a task or question you get a lot of material to use on the course. (Callem)
Excellent training, excellent tutor would use again. (Benjamin)
Great Staff that help when needed and very welcoming. (Lawrence)
Brilliant course well taught by a fantastic tutor and course facilities fantastic too. (Darren)

October 2017- Level 2 Door Supervision
An intensive course done in a relaxed and friendly classroom. Their was 6 of us doing the training Course. (Andrew)
All Staff are well respected from everyone. we have a good laugh whilst doing our course. (Chloe)
Course is ran absolutely great. Tutors are great and help really well. (Ashley)
Great workers, great training provided overall amazing. (Andrew)
after being in the building trade for 25 years and now changing my career, i feel i now have a basic knowledge of the security industry. I’ve got a lot to learn. (Simon)

October 2017 – Level 2 Door Supervision (retail Knowledge)
Very pleased with the course tutor, who was very good to explain things. Patient and clear to understand(Katherine)
If you are thinking about getting your door badge i recommend you do the RDS Course.(Ian)

August 2017- Level 2 Door Supervision (Traineeships)
All around good course and learned a lot more than i thought. (Tanner)
The best college I’ve been to. (Daniel)

July 2017 – Level 2 CCTV
Once again the staff and management of RDS have delivered and a quality training course. (Roy)
A helpful college that actually helps you. (Daniel)
I would recommend to anybody and will do more courses (Paul)
Highly recommend anyone to use RDS Training. (Katherine)
Great staff and venue, Staff are always willing to do all they can to help you. (Douglas)
The CCTV course was an excellent learning experience that taught me everything i will need for the future. (David)
RDS enables the trainee to learn in a relaxed environment. (Andrew)

June 2017 – Level 2 CCTV
Relaxed, entertaining and practical. Almost foolproof. (James)
A very good course staff very friendly. I learnt a lot about the course and booked on a door course with RDS. (Jason)
Good Course easy to follow, friendly staff with good atmosphere. (Mark)
Very good training facility, friendly helpful staff. All information given is relevant to course. Will recommend and have booked onto another course. (Matthew)

May 2017 – Level 2 CCTV Operator course
Good. (Steven)
RDS are a brilliant college and will help you with anything you ask for. (Nathan)
Everything about the course and venue is excellent. (Nerius)
The course was delivered in a way that was easy to understand. (Stephen)
Brilliant from the offset. Simple, friendly and fun way to learn a new skill while gaining a new qualification. (Samantha)
Good short course. (Luke)
Very good training given and staff friendly. (Caroline)
Informative both theoretically and practically. (Andrew)
Well presented course. (Alan)
Relaxed and very informative to the subject matter. (Dianne)

April 2017 – Level 2 CCTV Operator course
Training was conducted in a professional manner. (Alfred)
Very good would definitely recommend. (Emily)
Very good overall experience throughout the training course. (Stuart)

April 2017 – Level 3 Retail Knowledge including Level 2 Door Supervisor
RDS is a very helpful and a easy way to learn new skills and increase your prospects. (Ainsley)
Thankyou for the good standard of training I received – tutors make things very understandable, great place to do my training. (Steven)
Tutors really made my time easy and enjoyable. (Andrew)
RDS was very informative and the tutors were very helpful. (David)
Staff and tutors are helpful and help me get through the course. Would recommend. (Craig)
A very comfortable company and training provider to learn with. Tutors and trainers really know their stuff. (Roy)
Very good tutors really helped when needed. (Craig)
RDS very efficient and professional, tutors made the team feel at ease and feel welcome. (David)

March 2017 – Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work (Traineeships)
RDS is a very friendly environment, I have learned so much. Thanks 🙂 (Chloe)
March 2017 – Level 2 Door Supervisor course (Traineeships)
Friendly and informative at the same time. (Chloe)

March 2017 – Level 2 CCTV Operator course
Very easy place to find and very informative. (Neil)
Modest industry expert. (Stephan)
Thank you very much to all staff at RDS I really got the help I needed to complete the course. Thanks (Barrie)

February 2017 – Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge including Level 2 Door Supervisor
Good course that covers a lot. Very worthwhile course to undertake. Friendly staff who are patient and non judgemental. (Kelly)
Tutors are very well informed and excellent instructors. (Dennis)
Great. (Christopher)
I would recommend RDS to everyone course and tutors 100%. (Amanda)
Brilliant course and excellent staff, loved it and had a good laugh. (Victoria)
I found this very helpful to gain a qualification for work and the tutor made this a very easy going course which in turn made me feel at ease. (Michael)
Great. Excellent. (Jordan)
The course was great and amazing. (Liam)

February 2017 – Level 2 Door Supervisor course (Traineeship)
Great and friendly staff. Chance to meet new people. (Lee)

February 2017 – Level 2 CCTV Operator course
Staff are friendly and the teacher is qualified and doing his job professionally. (Jwan)
I’d recommend anyone to come here for training. (Tara)

January 2017 – Level 2 CCTV Operator course
Great ways that they get everyone involved. Relaxed working environment. Teaches at a good pace. (Christopher)
Good course with a good tutor. (Ainsley)
Very good, very informative, friendly pace, enjoyable. (Joanne)
Good staff and facilities. (Henry)
Good staff and facilities. (Hollie)

January 2017 – Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge with Level 2 Door Supervisor course
Perfect staff and support. (Mustafa)
Very good fun. Have learned so much and will come in handy while working in the security industry. (Mark)
RDS is a very welcoming place and everyone is helpful and understanding. RDS offer a wide range of training courses for everyone. (Leona)
Good staff, good people, good experience, good team and funny tutor. (Luke)
I really enjoyed it Sharon was great. Loved every second. (Adam)
Very good and will recommend to anyone in the future. (Michael)
I missed my original exams due to no ID and a few months later and i got my passport and was simply able just to do the exams, it felt refreshing. (Adam)

January 2017 – Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (Traineeships)
Great staff! (Zoe)
Excellent service and staff. (Frankie)
Very fun and welcoming. (Jack)

December 2016 – Level 2 CCTV Operator course
Thank you very much to all involved! (Donna)
I had never heard of RDS before but having been on this course I think it could be the 1st of many. (Leona)
Learning is only as hard as you make it and its easy if your wanting to learn. (Susannah)

December 2016 – Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge with Level 2 Door Supervisor course
Very helpful and relevant to what I want to achieve worth while course. Pleasure to turn up and be taught staff are warm, friendly, professional. (Mark)
Overall; great company with great staff. (Lloyd)
Very good course and a very professional team. (Simon)
The laws and safety procedures about the course and teacher was understandable. (Shane)
Friendly tutors, always willing to help. (Hollie)
In depth detail and friendly tutors. (Henry)

November 2016 – Level 2 Door Supervisor course (Traineeships)
I enjoyed it. (Jack)
After committing myself to the course, I feel more confident in my ability to work in the security industry, all thanks to the staff at RDS who committed to me to ensure I pass the course. (Tanya)

October 2016 – Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge with Level 2 Door Supervisor course
I would recommend RDS to others. Very professional. (Paul)
Highly recommend RDS. Personally found them on FB. (Ann)
Great tutor really boosted my confidence in doing the job. Finished the course feeling confident and motivated. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Dan and all at RDS. (Clifford)

September 2016 – Traineeship Week 4: Level 1 Award in Personal Development course.
Very good place to be. (Sebastian)

September 2016 – Traineeship Week 3: Level 2 Door Supervisor course.
I enjoyed working / spending my time here, friendly and supportive team. (Sebastian)
The course is very helpful. (Samual)

September 2016 – Traineeship Week 2 Functional Skills Maths.
It is a good course if you want the door badge. (Johnathon)
Useful course very easy and learn alot. (Martyn)
I enjoy coming to RDS very friendly and helpful. (Sebastian)

September 2016 – Traineeship Week 1 Functional Skills English.
I enjoy my time her and the staff are very friendly and helpful. (Sebastian)
It is a really good course and the tutors are very friendly. (Samual)

August 2016 – Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge with Level 2 Door Supervisor.
Good course, great tutors. Course is very interesting, staff are pleasant and here to help. (Kieran)
With RDS they can open doorways for you with the variety of courses they offer. The door course teaches life skills like self defence too. (Connor)
Great tutors, very well informed, supportive and explained everything in detail. Very interesting. (Gemma)

July 2016 – Level 3 Certificate in Customer Service with Level 2 Door Supervisor.
RDS is a quality training provider when I completed my course I felt confident to undertake my role – an supportive and effective learning environment. The Door Supervision course provided by RDS is super, I believe that this tutor endeavours to create a higher quality of door supervisors. (Kim)
Nice working with RDS. Would recommend to friends and family any time. (Stuart)
Danny was a great tutor and a good laugh, he knew when to have a joke and when to crack on with it. (Gary)

June 2016 – Level 3 Certificate in Customer Service with either door supervisor or CSCS.
The level of customer service I learnt was far more than what I expected. The course was delivered excellently and I now feel ready to start my security career. (Michael)
Would recommend this training centre to everyone. (Stuart)
Enjoyed the course and everything to do with it. Good staff. (Sarah)
Amazing place to come and learn. Friendly staff (Bianca)
Great course, great tutor. Learnt a lot and really enjoyed the weeks. (Daniel).
The tutors at RDS are good at what they do for you (Philip).

May 2016 – Level 3 Certificate in Customer Service with either door supervisor or CSCS.
Feedback received:-
It was really good (Liam)
Excellent course, friendly staff and well looked after (Matthew)
RDS was very helpful and will help you with the course. Danny can have a good laugh and gave out good details about the course. (Stefan)
Well looked after and treated well. Overall view was great. Would tell more people about RDS (Ben)
Excellent training course. The most amazing training I have had (James)
Very precise, fun clear and well presented. Worth walking up for the morning (Emery)
Excellent venue, location and tutor with friendly staff. Would use again and recommend. Thank you Sharon (Robert)

July 2015 – Level 1 Certificate in Personal Development with Level 2 Award in Door Supervision.
Feedback received:-
The course was effective and easy to take in (Karl)
RDS great training establishment (Jack)
If you want to improve your life use RDS (Marcus)
Great Course with amazing staff (Stephen)

February – June 2015 levels 2 & 3 health & social care apprenticeship training.
Feedback received:-
Assessors were all liked by the learners but RDS needs to get its’ own funding contract for this sector.

December 2014 – March 2015 Level 2 Award in CCTV training.
Feedback received:-
Better feeling of one’s self not just a no hoper (Philip)
Confidence, control, discipline and patience (Ben)
Solid knowledge of laws and guidelines relating to CCTV (Michael)
Confidence in CCTV role and skills to gain employment (Claire)